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Bay-Houston Towing has extensive experience providing towage services in the PORTS of Houston, Galveston, Texas City, Freeport, Corpus Christi and the adjacent offshore areas.

Our sophisticated FLEET and professionally trained crew coupled with unsurpassed customer service afford Bay-Houston Towing the unparalleled ability to provide the safest, most reliable and efficient tug services in the industry today:

Ship Assist – An operational fleet of 50 tugs affords Bay-Houston Towing the economies of scale to provide safe, reliable and efficient services to a wide array of different ships and to a large cross section of owners, operators and oil majors. The fleet consists of seven distinct tug classes ranging from compact class - providing a nimble lightweight shallow draft platform needed to service smaller vessels calling shallow facilities - to the powerful Z-Tech® class with its award winning design emphasizing the safe and capable operation of ship-handling and escort operations with large laden vessels and ships with extreme flares.

Rigs/ Specialty Projects – Our diverse fleet enables Bay-Houston Towing to service movement evolutions for all types of platforms such as rigs, jack-ups, heavy lift specialty ships and barges, dry-docks and other untraditional vessels with confidence. Our powerful and highly maneuverable Z-Drive and Azimuthing Stern-Drive (ASD) tugs are the perfect tool to apply connected power vectors at any angle without needing to come alongside during every facet of the movement. Whether docking, sailing, shifting, towing, or holding mid-stream - our tugs have the right equipment for the job. Please let us know if you have a unique project and we are be pleased to offer our expert opinion and help you set up a safe and efficient plan of movement.

LNG – We provide key assist, escort and stand-by services to critical safety movements every single day. Bay-Houston Towing has a tremendous amount of experience in contracting shippers and servicing dedicated terminal requirements with a proven, safe and successful history of assisting LNG ships. We currently provide towage and stand-by services at several LNG terminals located in the U.S. We offer powerful platforms with vital SAFETY and performance features required for a secure and safe port call every time.

Escort – Our Robert Allan Ltd. designed Z-Tech® 24-60, Z-Tech® 30-75, and Z-Tech® 30-80 vessels are designed with high performance escort maneuvers in mind. The tugs utilize the best available technologies to produce more than 100 tonnes of applied power vectors and steering forces during escort maneuvers. The Z-Tech® tug design is the most awarded tug design ever. The tugs incorporate a host of innovations - including powerful Tier 4 engines driving azimuthing stern thrusters coupled with strategic underwater hull forms and unique skegs to create maximum forces during escort maneuvers. These are just a few of the state-of-the-art features found on the Mark E Kuebler (Z-Tech 30-80) and its four twin tugs. These tugs are technological leaders the industry and the Mark E Kuebler was awarded 2019 BEST ESCORT TUG.

Bay-Houston Towing has extensive experience in a wide array of ship assist maneuver’s and escorts inclusive of everything from Aframax, Suezmax, VLCC tankers, VLGC, Container ships, RO-RO, cruise ships, parcel and break bulk to Rigs, dry-docks, Battleships and more. The majority of our diverse vessels are less than 10 years old and range in power from 1,700 to over 6,770 horsepower. Our five newest Z-tech 30-80 class tugs have a rated bollard pull of over 80 Metric Tons utilizing 6772 horsepower generated by highly advanced Low Emission Tier 4 Caterpillar Engines. We offer outstanding SAFETY management systems coupled with economies of scale only a multi-port service provider in the immediate area can deliver.

The Company has six dedicated vessel support facilities located along the Texas coast, including one in Freeport currently undergoing significant expansion and improvements. These purpose-built facilities serve as the local base of our operations and provide critical infrastructure support to warehouses consumables and critical spares for the fleet. These facilities also provide safe and secure moorings for the vessels to replenish and crew change.

Our services are highly customized to meet the unique demands of our customers in our ports and our tugs utilize the very best available technologies to create one of the most modern tug fleets operating in the United States today.

Our ship assist heritage coupled with our experiences of building new state-of-the-art customized vessels, local assets, financial strength and established facilities will provide a solid foundation on which we will build upon to continue to provide our customers with world class services.